Azad Walk

AZAD WALK is the newest and freshest zone within AZAD VIEWS. The buildings are overlooking the promenade and all the units get to enjoy wonderful open space views.

A friendly, integrated and inclusive community that celebrates connectivity and everything in between. Azad Walk is a thoughtfully designed mixed-use zone where the units are joined with public spaces with an array of complementing services and amenities that cover modern-day needs.

AZ Homes

AZ homes brings a new concept to living, it is all about combining convenience and comfort with efficiency, through phase one which includes three blocks, six buildings, and 284 units. Bringing you world class facilities and amenities like a fully-fledged gym, workspace, lounge, dining hall, and the building’s own cinema room for entertainment to fulfill all residents’ professional and personal needs and wants.”


Anchored in the cultural traditions of Egypt yet inspired by contemporary urban destinations from around the world, URBAN BUSINESS LANE is designed to offer both corporations and young talents a harmonious environment to create and grow. With its 3-dimension concept, UBL combines modern working spaces with a vibrant urban experience at ground floor level, and a warm social life in the park and at the rooftops.

Azad Views

Building on our success in AZAD. TAMEER is introducing to the market an extension from this success story “AZAD Views”. AZAD Views is revolving around maximizing views from your own home. The view could be on a beautiful landscape, water feature or a unique architecture design. We have designed AZAD VIEWS with the concept of high-quality lifestyle along the concept of the coziness in a neighborhood. AZAD VIEWS is a car free destination, where a person can walk through the promenade developed connecting AZAD 1 and AZAD VIEWS.


AZAD covers 55 Acres & hosts 1,700 diversified units, green spaces, and an array of amenities including a community center and a pool. Since delivery began in 2020, 500 units has been completed.


DIAR II covers 70 acres of land and includes around 2300 units. The first phase of DIAR II was sold, built, and delivered by the end of 2017. And the last phase is planned to be delivered in 2024.