Who we are ?

Since our inception in 1954, tāmeer has taken pride in our ability to connect with our customers and offer them the living solutions they are searching for living in an elegant, contemporary development or join a sociable neighborhood, with tāmeer. The homes we build are future-forward, but inspired by the past, blending the elegance of classical styles and the possibility of modern design. We consistently strive to build on our trusted customer relationships, family spirit, and rich heritage to shape the modern era of design and development.

tāmeer heritage

Since 1954, we have delivered some of the most celebrated and renowned architectural landmarks in Egypt. Starting as a government-owned organization in 1954, we were the first body in Egypt known for making affordable homes for Egyptian people Since our founding, we have serviced 3 generations of customers and developed the real estate market in Egypt. And our aim from day 1 is still our aim today – to make communities where the people we service can connect, grow, and thrive. In these 67 years, we have not simply left our mark on Egypt — we have formed and maintained intergenerational customer bonds and have driven the pulse and progression of the housing market. We know Egyptians, and we know real estate.

tāmeer heritage

our people

our people


Three generation

Since 1954, we have worked with 3 generations of customers and staff, creating lifelong bonds that drive our success. Our team is a family, and we strive to uphold the same community values within our team that we aim to create in the compounds we build.

Transfer Experience

of Experience

Our 3 generations of staff offer newcomers priceless know-how and expertise. We pride ourselves on our collective knowledge, and promise new hires opportunities for mentorship, learning, and growth.


Young Team Preparing the Future

TAMEER’s team is made up of young executives who speak the language of contemporary real estate markets and have a passion for people. Currently, we have over 200 dynamic and young talents driving our company forward.


TAMEER’s Customers

Our outlook is shaped by young people, and we aim to provide fresh, functional home solutions to the next generation in up-and-coming locations. We are also loyal to the past generations of customers we serve, and we will continue to offer our clients new, dynamic communities to call home.

meet the board

Our Board of Directors is made up of experts in the real estate market with extensive international exposure
and up to 30 years of experience in the real estate business.

Meet our Management Team

Our TAMEER team is the cornerstone of our success. As part of our development strategy, TAMEER’s development management team
is made up of young visionaries equipped with the passion and know-how to deliver people-centered communities.